Earning Bitcoin Automatically Using a Blog / Website

Here I will give some tips on how you can make a lot bitcoin just by using a blog or website without having to fill out a captcha or roll faucet : D 
To use this method required several conditions

  1. you should have a blog or website itself (the website should also be able to access reply from within the system: D)
  2. Having a Bitcoin account, (to accommodate the results that you obtain BTC) for who do not have an account please Create an account here first BTC =>  REGISTER
  3. Have an account in A-ads, because he was the one who'll pay you with BTC through the blog / website that you add in the system.

Ok just the first you create an account first in the A-ads please here => REGISTER
the appearance of the image as follows:
Please you click sign in

After that you click the sign up and then fill out the form registration are complete and do not forget to check the  I accept the  Terms of Service 
and then you open your email because the system will send a confirmation of account you for your email then please login using the username and password that you created earlier at the time of sign up ...

I assume you are logged in, login on the dashboard after you select the Earn / Earn Money 

Then the ad unit of its type just select the site for us here want to generate the BTC through a blog or web  ...
On the menu 1.  SELECT UNIT TYPE
  • on Size please choose your heart's content because this banner size would you put on your blog or web you (people): D
  • on the site please use the URL or web address of your blog

On the menu 2.  FILTER CONTENT
  • empty it of all do not have the checklist

  • please select your hearts because love is up to you at the time you withdraw earnings BTC wants to resettle in a-ads account or directly into your account BTC account, if I am on this menu choose to users account

Then select CREATE AD UNIT!

After that please copy the code provided and place it on your blog or website you ... 
to the blog please put his code using widgets> HTML / javascript and placement is up to you ... 
to the website please place it above the </ body> or according to your tastes. .. 
finish ... Note: 1 code that is already in the create can be put to many blogs / websites (profit for the defacer: D)

this as evidence that a right-ads - does pay and not a scam:

So little tips I gave on how to make the BTC through blog / website, so please collect visitor to see the blog / website that you post a banner-ads that BTC increasingly flowing into your account ... (if you blog no visitor Any forced people to view your blog: D)

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